At the very beginning of our set-up, we set the goal of working as customers’ manufacturing base in China, providing one-stop solution for our customers when customers need to purchase a varieties of metal parts and products.

Teamwork is the key to our success. For each specific project, we have the corresponding technical and quality engineers who are experienced in their own filed, working closely during the whole order production period.

  • Analyze and evaluate customers’ drawings, provide DFM by the technical engineer.
  • Make the fabrication drawings, and define the manufacturing instruction sheet by the technical engineer.
  • Working out the Quality control plan by the quality engineer.
  • Inspect and approve the First article, providing FA inspection report by quality engineer.
  • Random inspection during production by quality engineer.
  • Pre shipment inspection, providing inspection report by quality engineer.
All above information and documents are collected by salesperson and updated with customers timely.

With support of our comprehensive manufacturing services, we help our customers in below aspects as:
  • Save Cost : For each specific product, we choose and combine the most economical manufacturing processes.
  • Save Time : For the different metal projects or components, our customer will just focus on communicating with us, instead of spending much more time on sourcing or negotiating with several suppliers.
  • Save Logistics : For the different products, we help to combine shipping for easier logistics.
  • Save Risk : We manufacture the different components and provide assembly service that ensures our customers will receive all the components at perfect quality.

Starway is providing comprehensive metal manufacturing including :

Sheet Metal Fabrication, CNC Machining, Stamping & Forming, Aluminum Extrusion, Casting, Assembly
  • Sheet Metal Fabricationomprehensive metal manufacturing
  • Sheet Metal FabricationSheet Metal Fabrication
  • CNC MachiningCNC Machining
  • CNC MachiningCNC Turning machine
  • Stamping & FormingStamping & Forming
  • Stamping & FormingCNC milling machine
  • Aluminum ExtrusionAluminum Extrusion
  • Aluminum ExtrusionDrilling Machine
  • CastingCasting
  • CastingCNC Grinding machine:
  • AssemblyAssembl
  • AssemblyStamping fabrication.
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