CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Starway is the best CNC Machining manufacturer in China. Offering quality product to global customers

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CNC Machining: It is mainly used for small or medium-size lot order production that requires fine surface, precise tolerance. Metal materials like steel, stainless steel or aluminum are suitable for this process. Starway is able to provide CNC machining services based on customers’ drawings or designs.

CNC Machining Center: We have the CNC machining centers that are able to realize different manufacturing processes at high quality, precise tolerance.

CNC Turning Machine: CNC lathe with universal tools to reach different features.

CNC Milling Machine: Our milling machine work table is 1500*400mm max.

Drilling Machine: We are able to provide drill Countersunk holes, Metric or imperial size threads.

CNC Grinding Machine: It is used to manufacture products at high quality surface.

EDM Wire Cutting Machine: It is used to cut thick plate with high quality cutting edge.


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