Stamping is also known Pressing, it is the operation that place a metal sheet in a stamping machine, then the stamping die punches or forms it to the design. There are two types called Single Stage stamping and Progressive Stamping depends on how many operations from a single press.

The Stage Stamping is  a single stage operation where every stroke of the press produces the desired form on the sheet metal part, that means when a sheet metal part takes sveral different features, then there are several sets stampings dies and stamping stations needed.

Stamping is able to manufacture a wide range of features including Trimming, Embossing, Blanking, Bending, Flanging, and Coining ect. The basci advantages for stamping is as below:
Cost saving manufacturing price
High effiency production lead time
Highly consistent manufacturing quality

In Starway, there are 12 Stamping machines ranges from 45 tons to 315 tons, capable of manufacturing small and large size stamping parts.

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Stage Stamping

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