Why Starway
Slim & High-efficiency Structure

Starway is working at flat-pattern structure to ensure of high-efficiency communication internally which is the key to the project success. For each specific project, we have the corresponding Quality engineer, Technical engineer nominated who will take charge the project during the whole order production process. Together with the salesperson, our QC and technical engineers work closely to make sure the project is running smoothly, any problems will be detected and solved on time, any corrective actions will be applied without any delay.

One-stop Manufacturing Solution

Starway provides our customers with one-stop solutions to their projects that, in most cases, can not be solved by singular manufacturing method. Normally a project will consists of various materials that need to be procured by different manufacturing technics, so in this case, Starway is your best choice.
1. Easier and more efficient management to your project.
2. Better understanding to your products requirements and design.
3. No failure chance when we provide the full assembly.
4. Pick up the most saving cost manufacturing process based on the quantity, precision, ect.

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